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Leslie Szabo: Journey
GÁBOR HEGEDŰS painter artist


Gábor Hegedüs (or HEGE, the way he signs his paintings) was born in 1933, in Miskolc. His father worked in the nearby mines, as a maintenance foreman. With a background like this, he became a graphic drawer of the Capital Mine Office. After his profession exams, he began his studies at the Fine Arts College as a student of Aurél Bernáth.

On the fall of 1956 he left the country with his foreign graduates, went to Paris and graduated as a student of the Academie Beaux’ Arts. He lived among great difficulties in Paris, worked, and had exhibitions in smaller galleries. He kept in touch with some of the other Bernáth-students: with Szabó Ákos (who went to Paris as well) and with László Lakner (who went to Germany). Later on he married an art teacher, and settled with her. He still has a strong relationship with her daughter, and goes to visit her in Paris every year, wondering around the place and enjoying the art galleries.

He came back to Kazincbarcika in 1968, and he lives there ever since. In the seventies and eighties he worked with other, local art studios, and had exhibitions in Hungary, Poland, Germany and in the Czech Republic.

He was a photographer for many years. He did the labouring on his own for his only black-and-white photos, but even though, you can excellently see exceptional views of nature, buildings, and portraits. He participated in photo exhibitions as well, even winning some prices.

His current pictures are the pictures of a nature loving man, reflecting his emotions and expressions, with rich colours, and leaving you with a warm feeling.

He had exhibitions during the nineties in many private galleries of Budapest, and his photos were bought by collectors along the years.

September, 2007.
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