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Leslie Szabo: Journey
KATALIN ORBÁN ceramist artist

Professional biography
Academy of Applied Arts, Budapest, degree: 1974. Masters: Árpád Csekovszky ceramist, Zoltán Rákosy painter and György Jánossy architect.
1974-1975: Eötvös Lóránd University (Budapest), Faculty of Arts, neoGreek language. Professors: Kálmán Szabó, Evangelia Tsarouha.
1974-1977: designer at the Budapest Porcelain Factory.

Artist' Colony of Siklós (H) 1977, 1978. International Ceramic Studio of Kecskemét (H), between the years of 1979 and 1992, with the exception of three years. International Symposium of Art Ceramics in Bechyne (CS). 1980: Greece, 1985: Belgium.
Since 1974 she took part in all significant collective exhibitions in Hungary and in foreign countries.

Art Found of the Hungarian Republic, Association of Hungarian Artists, International Academy of Ceramic of Genova

1974 Special Prize, Pécs (H), National Exhibition of Ceramic Design
1979 Purchase Prize, 37th International Competition of Ceramic Art, Faenza (I)
1980 National Biennial Exhibition of Ceramics, Pécs (H)
1982 Second prize , International Quadriennal Exhibition of Ceramic, Erfurt (East-Germany), Third prize, 7th National Biennial Exhibition of Ceramics, Pécs (H)
1983 Gold medal of the Romagnolo Bank of Faenza, 41st International Exhibition of Ceramic Art, Faenza (I)
1991 Gádor István Prize (founded by the ceramist members of the Federation of Hungarian Artists in 1991)
1992 Ferenczy Noémi Prize (state prize)

Works in public collections:
International Ceramic Museum of Faenza (I), International symposium collection in Bechyne (CS) and of the Artists' Colony of Siklós (H). Ministry of Culture (H), Hungarian Institute in Paris. Ceramic collections of the International Ceramic Studio of Kecskemét (H).

The Hungarian and the international profession have qualified Katalin Orbán as one of the most acknowledged Hungarian ceramic artists. The series of her prizes started in 1979 at the International Ceramic Art Exhibition of Faenza where she got the Prize of Purchasing. She got Gold Medal in 1983 at the same place, then Second Prize in 1984 at the Applied Arts Quadrenniale of Erfurt. From the beginning of the eighties on she continuously wins prizes at the bianniales of Pécs. In 1982 she became the member of the International Academy of Ceramic Art of Geneva. From amongst her recent qualifications the Gádor István Prize, founded by the Association of Hungarian Artists, is outstanding as this annual prize was given to her, by a secret vote of the members. Katalin Orbán' activity was the first to be honoured by the abouve prize. In 1992 she also got the Ferenczy Noémi Prize.
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