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Leslie Szabo: Journey

First and foremost, I am most grateful to Kata Vég, my partner in life and in adventure, my manager, the organiser of my exhibitions, the muse of my “Katuska-pictures” and the person who inspires me with her photos and criticises me with goodwill. Without her, the Szabó –M. László Virtual Museum and Gallery wouldn’t even become a plan, never mind a reality.

Gratitude and thanks to Magdi, the first love of my life, my wife and mother of my children, who – alas – is no longer with us. She always made it possible for me to create, even in the most difficult times, with great devotion and patience, often taking care of all three children, whilst we both had to work to keep up the family.

I cannot thank my mother enough for our heart-felt relationship, for her enduring confidence and support, with which – although she and my father (who unfortunately died quite a while ago) brought us up in great difficulties, – she helped my artistic ambition from the very beginning. The “M” in my name is a perpetual reminder, the starting letter of her maiden name.

I must mention the art historian László Frank, who always helped and encouraged me during my career, opened nearly all of my exhibitions, wrote catalogue texts and gave me clear, understandable and constructive criticism.

I thank the art critic Balázs Feledy for the constant attention, interest and appreciation which he has given me for many years, and for his excellent exhibition opening speeches and recommendations, which also fulfil an important role on my website.

I thank Károly Csató, László  (Tas) Dobos and György Racskó for their literary inspiration, our mutual illustrations and their supportive, understanding words.

Thanks to our English friend, Justin Price, for his professional translations, and for the word “pentillism” that is his intellectual creation.

Special thanks to Csaba Magdó  and Gábor Erdélyi, the creators of this website for their especially creative and devoted work and for their never ending patience with which they introduced me to the basics of uploading to the Internet. 

I am grateful to everyone who helped my on my path through life, ultimately helping me achieve the Virtual Museum and Gallery.


László Szabó-M.

Budapest, 1 Oct 2009

Tablevare (New pentings)
Opcio Exhibition
Spirit of Leonardo. Exhibition & performance.